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Who we are

At Infinite Agriculture Solutions we believe everyone can be provided with the opportunity to heal naturally.  As a non for profit, medicinal produce supplier. We at IAS have developed a classification system that identifies which fruits, vegetables and herbs are most effective in treating your particular health ailment. Based on functional medicine and naturopathic principles our collective database is designed to provide you with the ability to treat your illness from home without costly visits to a naturopath. IAS has classified all 12,490 known conditions and identified a variety of plant based cures clinically proven to treat that particular illness. Simply type in your condition and the appropriate produce is already selected for you and is delivered to your door. 


Our Gardens

Aeroponics have been studied by NASA and is discovered to be the most effective method in agricultural production.  Globally, 69% of our water supply is for agricultural use. By incorporating aeroponics we are able to use  95% less water. It is of critical importance we begin to incorporate these systems into our agriculture practices for a more sustainable future.


How we give back

Through our services individuals can now treat illness naturally and easily from home without costly visits to a naturopath. For those who have not found relieve in conventional medicine or can not afford the exponential cost of pharmaceuticals, we offer a solution to the 92% of the world that go without health care coverage. 

Seventy one percent of our proceeds go toward developing small scale gardens and educational services in places high in poverty.  By launching infinite gardens we can better prepare future generations to treat disease naturally, while providing a local source of organic produce for the community.  

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