Our Education Program "Digging for a Cure" is based off of a classification system that classifies each plant based cure to the disease it is known to cure. This education model simplifies the process of learning natural medicine for our youth. 

         Currently, there is a 1:1,00 doctor to patient ratio. A 2017 study conducted for the AAMC by IHS Inc., predicts that the United States will face a shortage of between 40,800-104,900 physicians by 2030. These shortages pose a real risk to patients.  Because it takes up to 10 years to train a doctor, projected shortages in 2030 need to be addressed now so that patients will have access to the care they need.

         Our simplified process allows children to easily understand and learn how to treat disease naturally. Our productions facility is multi faceted and serve as an education facility. Allowing us to teach natural medicine and sustain our non for profit while delivering medicinal produce for those seeking alternative medicine.

           Our education model is designed to eliminate years of higher education. You no longer need a doctorate to better serve your health and the health of those within the community. Our 2 week program combines an introduction to  environmental pathology,  functional medicine and  the medicinal application of plants.  With in this program students will learn:

- The 8 root causes of disease founded by Dr. Gordon Pederson, Director of the Functional Medicine Institute in 2007. 

- How to classify 64 plants based cures to the 8 causes of disease.

- The 8 most common disease can be identified through the 8 most common symptoms 

- How to relate each disease to a cause  

- How to classify each plant to a disease

          By providing education on the medicinal application of fruits, vegetables and herbs to our youth we can greater expand our ability to fight disease naturally for future generations. 

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