Our Gardens

       As of 2012 it was recorded, 32 million metric tons of our fresh produce come from Mexico, Central America and South America. There are less local farms here in the United States than ever before. This is detrimental to the United States economy, workforce, environment as well as public health.

      Extensive travel to import produce is unnessarry  when we are able to produce goods locally. When the Global Agriculture Trade is responsible for 17% of C02 emissions, growing locally is essential to eliminating our carbon footprint. While importing crops long distance has its own negative effects on the environment. Importing long distances, over time the produce loses its nutritional value. Nutritional deficiencies are the root cause of many health conditions we see a rise in today.

      To counteract the environmental and unhealthy implications of imported produce we need to take advantage of our environment and grow locally. Using hydroponic systems allows us to use 95% less water in comparison to conventional agriculture methods. While 62% of global water usage goes toward agriculture, incorporating hydroponics is essential to sustaining an adequate water supply.